On April 14, Lucas and Nicolas, the two Belgian brothers, won the fifteenth season of Beijing Express, the famous adventure show. While the final had just been broadcast, M6 already unveiled a trailer for the next season, a bit special.

Indeed, instead of bringing together anonymous pairs like every year, this season will give way to celebrities who will participate in the adventure with one of their relatives.

This edition is therefore likely to surprise fans of the show since they will be able to observe their favorite stars traveling the world with their backpacks.

Last season, named Beijing Express: In the Land of the Golden Eagle, had a route that took place in the territories of four different countries: Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, Jordan and the United Arab Emirates.

This time, the pairs will only travel through one country: Sri Lanka. Beijing Express: Shock Duos will therefore be shorter than the other editions, but the concept promises to delight viewers.

“We want to see personalities running around with a backpack and knocking on doors to ask for food. It’s interesting to see how they get on… especially since we don’t make things simple for them”, assured Stéphane Rotenberg, the famous presenter of the show, in the columns of Télé-Loisirs.

For fans of the program’s traditional format, rest assured, the next show featuring anonymous people has also already been signed.

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