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Why so much hate? Each season on M6, Beijing Express allows several pairs of candidates to live an incredible experience. Friends, couples, brothers and sisters, work colleagues or strangers, many of them take part in this frantic race through several countries of the world.

With only 1 euro per day and per person, the pairs of Beijing Express hitchhike at each stage, meet the local population and accumulate victories. Their goal: to reach the final to try to win up to 100,000 euros in prize money. However, the game hosted by Stéphane Rotenberg also relies on more subjective criteria, which make the program famous.

After 17 seasons, Beijing Express has revealed many contestants who have gained popularity among fans. If some shone until the final, others made people speak for their attitude during the race. Sometimes appreciated, often hated… Alas, the pairs are never safe from criticism on social networks. Needless to say, between the editing of the production and the adrenaline throughout the competition, opinions are indeed biased on screen.

This season of Beijing Express, The Secret Choice is no exception. Like the strategist couple Alexandre and Chirine, deemed “bad players” on the web, or the sisters Alexandra and Laura “favoured” in the game. The latter did not hesitate to react to these attacks in Télé-Loisirs.

“We take full face on the networks. Me, I receive hate messages, super mean. They write to me: ‘Die’! And everything that we live today …”, annoys Laura, citing girlfriends Rose-Marie and Cinzia (season 14 finalists, editor’s note) who also suffered these attacks. “What irritates us is that people claim that we are favored without criticizing us on our physical or other abilities. And we fight so much, we tear ourselves up on the tests … And people say that we have lucky, that we are favoured, that we have cars because we are beautiful! It’s infuriating!”.

Despite the attacks, the candidates can count on the benevolence of other fans towards them. Between humor and derision, Internet users will be there to comment on the semi-final of Beijing Express, this Thursday, April 13 on M6. Back in pictures on the pairs that marked the game.