One season ends, another begins. A few weeks ago, Inès Reg and her sister Anaïs won season 16 of Beijing Express. But, while the broadcast has just ended, for Stéphane Rotenberg and the candidates for the next edition, the race has already begun.

Indeed, on Wednesday August 31, in an Instagram post, the presenter of M6 unveiled a video in which he reveals the course of season 17 of the famous adventure show. This video is shot in a special setting that diehard fans will recognize, the Uyuni Desert Train Graveyard in Bolivia. A place that had already been seen during a stage of season 3 of Beijing Express in 2008.

Thus, the first country that will welcome the adventurers of this new season will be Bolivia. The first stage should also take the breath away from viewers and candidates since it will take place in La Paz, the country’s capital, “The highest capital in the world. We will be between 3,800 and 4,200 meters above sea level”, explains the presenter.

While Bolivia has been visited in the past on the show, that is not the case for the second country the contestants will see: Paraguay. The presenter also specifies that the route will be “unpublished 85%”.

Thus, in Paraguay, “it will be the discovery of an incredible nature, because it is a very wild country, ancient and unknown civilizations. For the candidates, it will be multiple shocks, very strong in emotion”, specifies Stéphane Rotenberg¸

Finally, the last country visited will be Brazil, where the “unprecedented route” will pass near the Iguazu Falls before passing through São Paulo and completing the 2023 edition in “the most beautiful bay in the world, in Rio”.

To discover all this landscape, it will be necessary to wait a little since, if no broadcast date has been revealed for the moment. However, we imagine that the new season would be broadcast during 2023.

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