The temperature has gone up a notch for the candidates. This Thursday, March 9 was broadcast the 4th episode of Beijing Express, The Secret Choice, season 17 with Stéphane Rotenberg on M6. For the last stage in Bolivia, the famous animator did not spare the efforts of the six pairs still in competition.

It’s very simple: the candidates went from laughter to tears in this Bolivian jungle which did not give them any gifts. After a race start to music (blind-test and panpipes) in Sucre, the match was tight on the road between the pairs where three places were up for the immunity test in Padilla. And it was the unknowns Nathalie and Angie, the sisters Alexandra and Laura, and the people from Lorraine Xavier and Céline who managed to qualify.

But, a big surprise awaited the boss and his employee from Lorraine. While Xavier and Céline were welcomed by a resident to stay with her, the latter warned them that she was living with two pit bulls. “They’re not mean, but they bite.” What cool the expectations of the pair, little reassured at the idea of ​​sleeping in the company of these dogs apparently threatening the night.

Another rather funny moment: the strategist lovers Alexandre and Chirine, attacked by pigs in a village where they were looking for a roof to sleep. This has not escaped the fans of the program, hilarious on the web. As evidenced by the reactions below:

The next day, the three qualified pairs took up a “stunning” immunity test reserved for them by Stéphane Rotenberg. In an arena, the candidates had to face a bull during a relay race. The goal: to lure the animal into a colored hoop with a flag. Once the passage was validated, they had to break their three respective piñatas in the allotted time.

The least we can say is that the bull saw red and did not hesitate to charge the unfortunate candidates. Like Angie, Nathalie’s partner, repeatedly jostled by the animal before falling to the ground in front of the public. Enough to scare their opponents who feared the beast, and above all to shock some Internet users in the face of this high-risk event, according to their reactions.

After an immunity test won by Xavier and Céline, all the pairs hit the road from Padilla. This was without counting a “highly” height test prepared by Stéphane Rotenberg. For this last stage of the race until the finish in Villamontes, a final mission awaited the candidates: the tasting of peppers!

At the signal of their beacon, each candidate had to eat a large red pepper in order to continue the race. If one of them failed or refused to eat it, the duo had to leave their vehicle. A spicy challenge that gave all the pairs cold sweats (or hot flashes).

Some contestants, like hosts Clément and Émeline, regretted bragging after eating their peppers three times. While Alexandra, Laura’s sister, refused to swallow her second chili in tears. Or the Belgians Paloma and Jason who suffered martyrdom along the way.

A test considered sadistic for many Internet users on social networks. And, their reactions were not long in coming. Note that the fourth episode of Beijing Express, The Secret Choice, was followed by less than 2 million viewers. A score as hard to swallow as the pepper for the candidates who will arrive in Paraguay for the next stage of the adventure… with a surprise guest!