Before the Brexit vote: May the renegotiation of the Backstop plans


Theresa May’s plans for a renegotiation with Brussels about the Backstop for the island of Ireland. The former foreign Minister, Boris Johnson, wrote on Monday in the British”Telegraph” with reference to “very high-ranking” sources in the government. This change of course Mays is according to Johnson a “genuine good-Brexit-message”, the exit mechanism would defuse trap “the explosive”, and negotiations on a trade agreement with the EU. If the Prime Minister May place this Change, he had “no doubt that the whole country will stand loudly behind her,” writes Johnson

The so-called Backstop is one of the biggest points of contention that led to the rejection of Mays-Brexit Deal. He is supposed to ensure that there will be after Brexit no hard border between Ireland and Northern Ireland. The EU wants to avoid conflict in Ireland. The rejected resignation agreement provided for the whereabouts of the whole of the United Kingdom in the customs Union. Northern Ireland should remain in the EU single market.

The majority of the Brexit advocates had rejected the Backstop in the first vote in the lower house. They feared that the scheme of the United Kingdom in the European customs Union to stay caught up and you could conclude in the future any of its own trade agreements. The Northern Ireland party, the DUP, whose voices May, in his or her minority government relies, had opposed the proposed regulations. With the fate of Northern Ireland in the EU internal market would be no controls between Ireland and Northern Ireland, but between Northern Ireland and the rest of the UK. Therefore, the party demanded that the whole of the United Kingdom in the EU internal market for Goods.

the change in The plan Mays could well be the decisive step to save the Brexit Plan. Johnson calls on the Prime Minister to confirm her “change of heart” to the public, and the Details of the “exemption clause”, which has been submitted to your government in Brussels, to disclose them.