The current balance of the season seems more exciting than ever. Just look at the technology stocks, which had characterised the boom of the years 2009 to 2017. To the beginning of the year, the unusual warning from the electronics group Apple the worse the business, the investors are thrown into turmoil.

Martin Hock

editor in the economy.

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Now, the fear that it could, and the big Tech is going to Boom to an end. On Monday, the graphics card specialist Nvidia has lowered the estimate for the sales last Christmas quarter quite significantly, from 2.7 to 2.2 billion dollars. It was an “extraordinary, unusual, turbulent and extremely disappointing quarter,” said NVIDIA’s founder and CEO Jensen Huang. The share price fell by nearly 14 percent to 138 dollars.

“The disappointing Numbers from Nvidia have supported the view that China’s economy is slowing,” said Analyst David Madden from the Broker CMC Markets. In the face of this bad news and also with a view on the American-Chinese trade, stock traders have become a dispute “a little nervous”. The extent of the disappointment from Nvidia indicates to a remarkable slowdown in business data centers, says Analyst Mitch Steves of the Bank, RBC.

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On Friday night, with the processor, Bauer, Intel had reported a weaker sales and a cautious Outlook, what is also significant price moved losses. And Europe’s largest software manufacturer SAP increased, but Takeovers were more likely responsible. The promised turnaround in operating margin, however, remained. With 1.2 per cent Minus the share price was, however, limited. With a restructuring program, SAP wants to be fit for the competition in the Cloud business. Employees will be offered early retirement, but it’s not about cost savings. SAP is a growth group, sought CEO Bill McDermott is a appropriate impression to blur.

Apple will give the evening a first concrete insight into his business, according to the confession that the important Christmas business was much worse than expected. Analysts should pay attention to the forecast for the current quarter of the year.

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However, the optimism is great. So has recovered the note of the Apple stock is significantly different from the rate of slip of about 10 percent, the original alarm had been triggered. And the most recent analyst studies recommend buying the stock. The indicators should correspond to the pre-release information, said RBC. Crucial to the Outlook. By the Bank UBS, says that the weakness in the iPhone business was already known, however, the margin in the services business will reach more than 60 percent.