The British labour Minister Amber Rudd has spoken out for the Norway-Plus model or a second Referendum as an Alternative to the previous Brexit plans.

the Brussels agreement negotiated with the EU fall through the outlet at the vote in the London Parliament, could be the Norway-Plus-model the Plan B, said Rudd on Saturday the BBC and the newspaper “The Times”. No other Minister has been so publicly to this model.

No applause from the Brexiteers

the UK wants to leave at the end of March 2019, the community of States. The Norway-Plus model, the UK would remain in the European internal market and the customs Union. The Norway-Plus model could get a cross-party majority in Parliament.

Norway is a member of the European economic area (EEA), but not in the EU. The UK could additionally decide a customs Union with Brussels – Norway plus. In the case of critics of this solution is decried as too soft Brexit. They fear that almost everything remains the same, also the free movement of persons.

fear of the Chaos

It is currently considered unlikely that Parliament will vote next Tuesday in London for the Brexit-the agreement of the Prime Minister Theresa May. Rudd stressed that they continue to be the agreement support. A “No Deal” but could cause a mess in the UK, the Minister said the BBC.

Therefore, the need to consider Alternatives. A second Referendum count. You, yourself, would vote in such a case for remaining in the European Union. Your personal view has not changed in the meantime, stressed Rudd in the “the Times”.