Australia mourns the death of his most famous kangaroo named Roger. The more than two meters wide and 90-kilogram animal, which became a Box-arts and huge muscles also known internationally, was twelve years old. According to information from the kangaroo-Park of Alice Springs, where Roger had practically his whole life, he died of old age.

Roger had already come as a Baby in the animal Park of Alice Springs, the only major city in the country. The Park owner Chris Barnes had him collect on a Highway after his mother was hit by a car. Over the years, he became a real beefcake. With his powerful torso, he was an attraction of the city. On the social networks, he managed internationally to great prominence.

On an Instagram page had Roger last more than 900,000 Followers in Facebook and more than half a Million. Barnes wrote in his obituary: “He had a nice long life and was liked by millions of people all over the world. We will love You forever and miss you, Roger.“ The Australian Pop singer Natalie Imbruglia commented: “He always brought a Smile to my face. Such a proud, strong Boy.“

Roger who had several females, lay earlier, quite the chest-thumping of the day. He pushed through the area. With increasing age, however, he was quiet. Most recently, he suffered from Arthritis and no longer saw too well, either. In the animal Park, Roger should find his last resting place.