Bed bugs: 5 clues that you have brought them home


This is the fear of many French people: being invaded by bedbugs. These tiny insects that often lodge in the bedding reproduce at high speed, and can cause bites, and make life in the home hellish.

Because to dislodge them, it is often necessary to use major (financial) means.

So, at all times, it is a good idea to remain vigilant to prevent bed bugs from ending up between your walls. In summer, the risk is all the greater as you may risk bringing it back from your vacation spot. Indeed, this heteroptera clings very easily to fabrics and travels without problem from one place to another: in your suitcases, on your clothes… And they can survive for more than a year without feeding.

But to fight against their spread, you still need to know what they look like. Bed bugs are visible to the naked eye if you look closely. Here are some things that will help you identify them:

Bed fleas also lay eggs exponentially. These are whitish and “fixed everywhere, in small tight spaces”, notes the institutional site

But where do these critters live? Bedbugs like narrow and “warm” places, for example: the seams and underside of the mattress, hems, drawers, clothing and suitcases, curtains, behind baseboard heaters or electrical outlets, or even in the paper.

Are you afraid of having brought back bedbugs from your vacation? In our slideshow, discover the 5 signs that show that they have invaded your home.