Because of the salt valley bridge: traffic gridlock in the Wiesbaden city area feared


    The city of Wiesbaden feared because of the new constriction at the salt brook bridge, off of I-66 for a traffic collapse. Road transport office, and police want to observe in the coming days exactly what are the secret paths of the motorist and, if necessary, intervene.

    On Wednesday morning, I prevailed on certain streets in rush-hour traffic to a standstill, said a police spokesman. It will now beheld for several days, where the “hot spots” to form. “If there is no improvement, we must intervene.”

    “redirects on highways use”

    road transport office and the police are reserved, to terminate, if necessary, individual roads or feeder roads and ski runs, said the city. “It can’t be, and leads to gridlock in Wiesbaden, when long-distance traffic from the motorways in the Emergency by-Passes the congestion on the A66 through Wiesbaden’s city area is looking for,” said the head of the road transport office, Winnrich Tischel. A spokeswoman from Hessen Mobil called on the drivers to use the detours on the highways.

    The number of lanes on the motorway bridge had been reduced from three to two. Checks had revealed that due to a Baufehlers the load capacity is affected. The ailing salt valley bridge to be built in the spring of 2019. In the preparations for a company-mounted in a transport rail in wrong and damaged the building.