The Foundation of the American President Donald Trump will be dissolved because of illegal transactions. The Trump Foundation have signed an agreement, said New York state attorney Barbara Underwood on Tuesday. “The Trump Foundation was little more than a cheque book, in order to serve business and political interests of Mr. Trump,” wrote Underwood. The remaining assets of the Foundation should now be to several charity organizations.

alleged: unauthorized Self-dealing

The Prosecutor’s office had accused Trump and his three oldest children in a lawsuit in June of unauthorized Self-dealing. In addition, they would have supported trump’s presidential campaign in illegal way. The Foundation, therefore, was “an empty shell”, the Board of management not met since 1999, and with the Trump decisions met alone since then.

Specifically, should have collected the Trumps with the Foundation’s donations in the amount of 2.8 million dollars (2.5 million euros), in order to influence the presidential election campaign. With all the money Trump had settled and open legal claims against his holiday home Mar-A-Lago in Florida and a Golf club, Trump Hotels advertised and things purchased for personal use.