The United States has imposed sanctions against several employees of the Russian secret service, the GRU, and several companies in Russia. The American Finance Ministry on Tuesday in Washington for a number of reasons for the penalties: the Russian attempts of manipulation in the American presidential campaign in 2016, a Hacker attack on the world Doping Agency, the poison attack on the former agent Sergei Skripal in the UK, as well as ongoing Attempts by Russian Troll-factories for the Manipulation of public opinion in America.

the aim of the sanctions was to “deter and defend” in the face of “ongoing malicious activities of Russia, its agents and its intelligence services,” said the American Minister of Finance, Steven Mnuchin. The United States would work together in this area with its international allies and partners.

The new criminal measures, several GRU-employees to be of Russian manipulation in the presidential campaign of 2016, and the hacker attack on the world doping Agency involved. Two GRU agents were assigned because of their alleged role in the poison attack on the Ex-agent, Sergei Skripal in the UK with sanctions. Sanctions were also imposed against two GROUP employees and three Russian companies with Links to Troll-factories for the Manipulation of public opinion in the United States.