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Dove in Russia released a video with photos of medical workers after the change, the stylists Henkel Beauty Care Professional gave a master class a day, which entered the Guinness Book of records Museum, makeup revealed on instagram a few secrets Jackie Kennedy on skin care. What else was said this week in the world of beauty read our material.

Dove in Russia released a video with photos of medical workers after the change

to show the exhausting and risky work of doctors, medical workers and volunteers, cosmetics brand Dove has prepared a Russian version of the video released earlier division of the brand in Canada. It without comment shows the portraits of four members of the Russian infectious disease hospitals, treating patients with a diagnosis of COVID-19. Pictures taken after shifts, when on the faces of the workers were still the prints of masks and goggles.

Now more than ever, true beauty is in the courage — the courage of the doctors. In this difficult time, our thoughts go out to all health professionals: we care about you more than ever. We thank you for your courage, determination and care for our loved ones. Healthcare workers are at the forefront of the fight against COVID-19: to do everything possible to support them in this difficult time, said brand Manager Dove Deniz Melik-Avetisyan.

Dove has donated more than € 5 million in support of efforts to combat the virus. In Russia, in particular, the brand Dove started to pass the reference of the infectious hospitals of their products: soap and shower gels, hand cream, deodorants — after all, the hygiene of medical workers and patients in particular need during the quarantine.

Henkel Beauty Care Professional gave a master class a day, which entered the Guinness Book of records

41 stylist, 19 countries, 9 languages and 13 time zones: stylists Henkel Beauty Care Professional along with the charitable Foundation Fritz Henkel Stiftung held a master class of the day, thus putting the world record. Master class #HairdressersUnited, which was broadcast live, was intended to show solidarity with the whole industry at this difficult time.

it was presented the different techniques of painting: blonde, Balaj, blur, techniques for haircutting and styling, as well as creative ideas for styling and hairstyles — a total of 41 training videos.

the Master class has won the official title of the Guinness world records for the longest a master class in hairdressing, held live online.

Together with the Fund, the Fritz Henkel Stiftung Henkel Beauty Care Professional will donate 100,000 euros to charity, �� Fund of the red cross and United Ways. The amount of donations listed by the Russian audience during the live broadcast to the charitable Foundation. Elizabeth Glinka “Dr. Lisa”, still counts and will soon be announced.

SinfulColors has released a nail Polish with the smell of pizza

Home manicure has never been a table of “delicious.” SinfulColors brand presented a collection of nail Polish “Sweet and savory” which is made up of shades inspired by the food, moreover, each Polish smells good.

you can Buy them on the American website and some stores are Walmart, each bottle costs only $ 3, which is about the same price you pay for a piece of pizza.

the collection includes: bright orange hue Cheese Puff, black with white shimmering particles Cookies and Creme, yellow Taco Party with a sequined red, white, yellow and green and light purple Donut Even.

How to care for leather Jackie Kennedy

the Museum of makeup in new York continues to unlock the secrets of grooming international stars. Instagram Museum published a recipe issued by the Hungarian dermatologist Erno Laszlo Jackie Kennedy.

the note from may 1, 1963 Kennedy was instructed to use a lot of oils and creams to prevent pimples and acne from the time when the outside temperature exceeds 21 degrees. To avoid varicose veins, doctor Kennedy also recommended to arrange a walk. She promised to walk along the Golf course in Cape cod.

Also was declassified diet Kennedy. It turned out that the diet of the wife of the President of the United States consisted of meat, vegetables and champagne, and Dr. Laszlo recommended that she eat more fish products. This power system we definitely like it!

TikTok Is a viral video demonstrates how to use spaghetti for nail

This viral video of TikTok for those who bought pasta at the beginning of isolation and makes the manicure at home. I’m sure many of us had no idea that spaghetti can be used in such an unusual way.

Im no where near a artist but I try 😥 | @fashionnova fashionnovapartner ##fashionnova ##fyp

the Video, which gained 26 million views and more than 3.5 million likes, shows how the master of manicure, known as Brother Nailtech, use dry spaghetti to increase the nails, instead of the traditional acrylic nail tips. Brother Nailtech cuts spaghetti and polishes thatto create a smooth surface and a perfectly curved tip. After filling the rest of the acrylic nail gel drying in the led lamp master painted his creation in a glossy black lacquer.

Brother Nailtech is famous for the use of food products for manicure, among them tortilla, Cheetos and French fries.