Who must deliver, in Hessen at times his driver’s license, I often just before Christmas. As the Central fines office at the government Presidium of Kassel (RP) on Wednesday, count the number of employees normally daily 80 to 100 inbound licenses. On some days, in the run-up to Christmas, the number increases but to more than 300.

In the state of Hesse will be drawn in bills of the authority that, each year, between 22,000 and 23,000 leaders. Most often this is done in connection with a fine for speeding in extreme or repeated cases, it said. Traffic offenders will have a period of four months, your driver’s license for the proposed ban on driving to be submitted at the penalty.

Why many drivers the document, preferably in the run-up to Christmas to give, was not clear. Of February as the shortest month is also good to leave the car, informed the RP. Therefore, the driver’s licenses this month, second-most on the fine position sent. The of a lock, the affected driver will give the driver’s license-often at the time of the summer holidays.