Only a few more weeks of waiting and the 2022 summer holidays will have officially started for all school zones in the territory. This year, 33 million French people are expected on the holiday route, says the consulting company Protourisme.

Like every year, France can count on its 5,500 km of coastline, including 1,948 km of beaches on 4 seafronts to attract tourists from all over France. According to forecasts, the territory should thus attract 50% of French holidaymakers this year, as indicated by La Tribune.

If you spend your summer holidays relaxing in the sun on the most beautiful beaches in France, then you have already been confronted with this situation which can quickly become annoying: when your towel is invaded by grains of sand.

Do not worry ! Planet reveals a trick for you to stop being disturbed.

When packing your beach basket, don’t forget to take an old fitted sheet with you. It will allow you to create a barrier against the grains of sand.

All you have to do is place it on the beach and stretch it using fairly heavy elements that will be placed at the four corners of it. “Thus stretched as if it were fixed upside down on a mattress, the fitted sheet will offer a surface free of sand, and where it will not be able to penetrate”, specifies Au Féminin.

If you want to use this trick again, make sure your sheet is not too damp. Otherwise, you could end up with lots of sand stuck to your fitted sheet.