According to the gold steak affair to Franck Ribéry, the focus of the FC Bayern will be on the hunt for titles and Borussia Dortmund. Captain Manuel Neuer saw after a workout in the morning “no danger”, that the vortex to the outburst of the teammates could have an impact on the all-star ensemble cast. He liked on Monday in Qatar, “more football” than the turbulent weekend talk. “For me, the Crucial, what Franck does for the team,” said the goalkeeper.

His Deputy, Thomas Müller stressed that “it is primarily to play football.” “And we want to pursue,” said the DFB and club-mate shortly before the training camp-to mid-term. Until Thursday, the Munich sweating in Doha, where the on the Internet abusive become Ribéry posted in addition to the training images without Gold a visit to a Hairdresser in Rap music. “For us, the players, the question is, how trained and how he plays, how he gives on the court. When I see how he works for the team as he has played the last game against Frankfurt, then there is no doubt,“ said New. In society and by politicians, Abusive, discussed of Ribéry were “now not an issue. I don’t think you should make a debate out of it.“

but anyway, this is the club page with a “large fine” documented statements of the French were too violent. Such “current issues or outliers” were, of course, the public is always interesting, acknowledged Muller the previous day. For the Team, something is so but “not relevant”.

you can, However, have experienced both Müller as well as New in the depressing world Cup in the summer as in other topics, the core business strain. The case of Mesut Özil and the controversial photos are stored with the Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan and the current Trouble around Ribery completely different and not to compare. But conducive to working with and in a team media are prone to incidents, individuals sure.

“We want to make sports-related topics to the forefront,” said Müller. The two captains don’t want to just go ahead in the next world Cup host country, but also in the back round. Also for you in 2019 will be better than the previous year, with a “disastrous run” the summer, such as Müller reminded again of the historical first-round Of the national team in Russia.

At the break of the German selection want to the two to shape. Likewise, in the Association, the veterans with contracts until the summer of 2021 fixed points. In the club, it is the first time that the Supreme goal of the Six-point gap to Borussia Dortmund to catch up. “Anyone who knows us, knows that we are very hungry and not necessarily masters want to be,” said New, who has enjoyed a much better year than twelve months ago. “A year ago, I had discarded the crutches, it is now a much better Start.”