The former editor-in-chief of the news magazine “Focus”, Helmut Markwort, has made the leap in the Bavarian Parliament. The 81-Year-old is the oldest member of the Parliament, and may open in as interim President in November, the first meeting in the Maximilianeum.

mark a word was a candidate for the first Time. He moved up to the upper Bavaria-list of the FDP from 16th place to second place, as the land returning officer, on Tuesday announced the evening after counting of votes. The voters in Bavaria can change the order of the candidates on the lists of the parties. The FDP was recovered on Sunday, with 5.1 percent, almost back into the diet.

mark was the founding in 1993 until 2010, the editor-in-chief of “Focus”, and then in 2016 the publisher. He had most recently hosted a weekly talk show on Bavarian television, had to give up their line, but in the election campaign.

Also as a “television judge” known lawyer Alexander Hold, for the first time the Bavarian Landtag. As the top candidate of the Free voters in Swabia, its catchment was considered to be secure. Hold was for the party that wants to form a coalition with the CSU in the past year, as a candidate for election to the Federal President took office. Until 2013, he joined the satellite in the designated court show in the transmitter.1.