Philadelphia Flyers 2024 NHL Draft Mock Draft

Photo Credit: Our very own Michael Reaves

The upcoming NHL Draft has Flyers fans excited as the team is linked to several big names for potential trades. With the possibility of moving up in the draft, will these picks help the Flyers return to their former glory? Here is a seven-round mock draft for the Flyers:

Round 1: *TRADE* with the Calgary Flames (Pick 9) LHD, Sam Dickinson

The Flyers select Sam Dickinson, a 6’3 left-handed defenseman with a powerful shot. Dickinson had an impressive season with the London Knights, showcasing his skating and playmaking abilities. His selection reinforces the Flyers’ defense and adds depth to their farm system.

Round 1: (31) C, Cole Beaudoin (from a trade with the Florida Panthers)

Cole Beaudoin, a 6’2 center from the Barrie Colts, brings size and creativity to the Flyers’ lineup. Known for his playmaking skills and penalty-killing abilities, Beaudoin will be a valuable addition to the team.

Round 2: (51) LW, Marek Vanaker

Marek Vanaker, a 6’1 forward from the Brantford Bulldogs, impressed with his scoring touch and offensive instincts. His ability to create space and generate scoring chances will benefit the Flyers in the future.

Round 5: (148) G, Jakub Milota

Jakub Milota, a goaltender from the Cape Breton Eagles, showed promise with his composure and positioning in net. With room for improvement in rebound control and skating, Milota has the potential to become a steal for the Flyers.

Round 5: (150) RHD, Cooper Cleaves

Cooper Cleaves, a 6’4 defenseman, brings size and physicality to the Flyers’ blue line. With development ahead of him, Cleaves will play for Dartmouth College before making his mark in the NHL.

Round 6: (177) RW, Diego Johnson

Diego Johnson, a dynamic forward from the Madison Capitols, offers speed and scoring ability. Johnson’s penalty-killing prowess and offensive instincts make him a valuable asset for the Flyers.

Round 7: (205) C/RW, Alexander Shen

Alexander Shen, a young forward from Mamonty Yugry, has defensive awareness and a willingness to compete. With room for improvement in his offensive production, Shen has the potential to develop into a reliable player for the Flyers.

The Flyers’ 2024 NHL Draft picks show a commitment to building a strong and competitive team for the future. With a mix of skill and potential, these players have the opportunity to make a significant impact in the NHL.

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