Who leads the table of the Basketball-Bundesliga in front of eyes, found in the top group in addition to the usual Suspects, a team that was ranked before the season by all the experts as a relegation candidate. But Rasta Vechta has established itself as a pike in a carp pond. After 17 season play, the club from the lower Saxony province is on the third place in front of Clubs with great names like Alba Berlin and Brose Bamberg, and his strong Form in the Derby at relegation threatened polar bears Bremerhaven (20.30 clock, live at Magenta sports). Sporty architect of this success story of the first 35-year-old Pedro Calles. The Spaniard is the up-and-comer among the trainers and the decision to come to Germany has repented, second to none.

this change was associated with a step back. After he had completed in his home country, the study of sports Sciences and is the highest trainer license, he was transported there during the season 2011/2012 for the first time as head coach. However, the financial future of his club was not secured, so that the offer from the Bundesliga club Artland Dragons came at exactly the right time. Calles hired first as an athletic Trainer and was promoted in the season to assistant coach. After the Association had withdrawn from Quakenbrück in 2015 from the Bundesliga, moved Calles to the neighbouring Vechta. In the summer of 2018, Vechta, rose for the third Time in the League, and managing Director Stefan Niemeyer decided to make Calles to the head coach.

the game about the Defensive draw

was His Maxim before the season: “character is more important than Talent.” Good relations with his players, he is considered as the most important prerequisite for its successful work, where he provides fundamentals and principles in the foreground and non-tactical systems. In Training, he spends a lot of time, the decision-making behavior to optimize his players, he gives the defense a greater role than the attack: “With the Defensive, you can influence the game more.” To do this, he relies on a Run-and-Jump defense, the spread in the League a lot of horrors: One of his player leaves his man to double the ball the owner as a surprise. The other defenders rotate to close the passing lanes. “We are on the basket is not physically strong enough. We want to attack before the Ball comes into the danger zone,“ says Pedro Calles.