it’s in there now, as a member of the jury or the candidate, Philippe Geubels can be, the jokes, the tapping does not show up. However, it appears that he, as a candidate for more than just a moppenboek to have it looked at. A new episode of The smartest man in the world, have missed? With this summary, you are to go.

and The winner of this evening.

Philippe Geubels, ran quickly out at his opponent and pulled, eventually, for the first time, with less than 449 seconds left on the clock.

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Basketbalspeelster Ann Wauters had to be beaten at Natalia, who are in the final, strategic-to-1 second to lower, left lower) and at first was allowed to respond. The last question was, “What do you know about the Final Kazaltzis?” – put them on a single keyword is enough to Wauters, a look.

best prices.

the Jury, Jérôme , after he had been asked to zwangerschapstips for Natalia: “a Question to Erik Van Looy, his hair. That is, it is just to bad to see things when it’s cut it.”

Van Looy , and after a short movie about a sheep in one swing: “I like to schapenfilmpjes, and I’m at home a lot on the cd-rw .”

Geubels: , “He thought, ” I’m going to that joke, just tell me. Bleats, it does not harm to do it.”

Jérôme : “Ann Wauters, and I used to be chased by women, and while we were walking around with heavy balls.”

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The most Beautiful moment.

the Mayor of Ostend, Bart Tommelein (Open VLD) was in for a movie and tell of his love for the Sea. That turned into a psychedelic acid trip when he was in a kreeftenpak between the brightly colored fish, Deep-sea , began to sing, of The little mermaid .

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Philippe Geubels: (2 episodes).

Natalia (2 episodes).

Ann Wauters (1 episode)

for More about The world’s smartest man, Philippe Geubels about the application, “The Smartest Man in the World: “I fear the worst,” Ann Wauters (after a lot of efforts from Erik Van Looy), in the first episode of “The world’s smartest man”, “More nerve than a match of” which one of these 34 candidates, that is, ” The smartest man in the world?” Why is Erik Van Looy, as many as 25 members of the jury turned on you in ‘The smartest human’.