At nearly 30 years of career, Barbara Schulz is one of the essential faces of fiction in France. A student at Cours Simon, she took her first steps in short films and commercials in the 1990s. Before making her television debut through sagas such as Les Grandes Marées and Terre Indigo.

Then, it is on the stage of the theater that Barbara Schulz flourishes and knows success by obtaining several nominations for the Molières. Without forgetting the Césars for cinema in 2000. “I was nominated once for the Césars and four times (today five, editor’s note) for the Molières and I had one, what an honor!” congratulated by Madame Figaro in 2007. The opportunity for the actress to explain her working method. “I work a lot, I choose my pieces carefully”.

Interviewed by Télé Star in 2015, the heroine of the series Le Mystère du lac admitted to having a preference for her roles in the theater. “As I looked younger than my age, I found it quite simplistic to be confined to the characters of excited teenagers”, before adding further. “Compared to the rather light characters that I was given on TV, the theater offered me real characters, much more interesting”.

However, Arié Elmaleh’s companion has distinguished herself in different registers on the small screen: both in the thriller Gloria, and in comedy with Le Remplacant on TF1. But, she also made some appearances abroad in the American series Pan Am and Blacklist. And, over the years of her career, Barbara Schulz seems to be more comfortable with her age. “As I am not completely decrepit, rather well! I love myself much more today than at 20 years old”, she confided to our colleagues on her transition to forty.

A decade later, Barbara Schulz is still radiant and does not hesitate to reveal the secrets of her form. “I’m lucky to have good genes. My great-grandmother died at 102 and my grandmother, who is 94, lives in the Basque Country and is in great shape,” she confided in last April for Version Femina, specifying with humor. “So if Wikipedia announces me younger, it’s not my fault. But it seems that this error is linked to the actresses, because when I see the files of the sisters with whom I started, some have surprisingly rejuvenated… “. As proof, the star does not hesitate to reveal herself naturally on her social networks. Discover an anthology in our slideshow.