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The energy transition designed by the Government with the goal that 100% of the electric power system is renewable by 2050 is creating a dangerous bubble in this sector, as they have been submitted requests for the installation 430,000 MW (megawatts) of renewable capacity, when the Integrated Plan National Energy and Climate estimated 60,000 MW by 2030.

“it Is urgent to sort the permissions according to their feasibility and robustness”, stressed the minister for the Ecological Transition , Teresa Ribera, after the Council of Ministers approved a royal decree for renewable energies, “which will reduce the bill of electricity, given that renewable energies are the source of generation cheaper”.

From months ago are producing speculative movements in this sector, as a 60% of the holders of the permissions of access of new renewable capacity -mainly wind and photovoltaic – have not sought the necessary permission for connection.

The firm commitment of the Government for renewable energies has produced a call to banks, funds and investors , all of them outside the industry, many of which only have one goal: to be with an permission to access a cheap price and resell it later more expensive. This speculation increases the cost of the project, which has an impact on the electric system and, therefore, in the bill of the consumers.

The royal decree establishes a time period -five years in total- that the holders of the permits must be fulfilled (declaration of environmental impact, and administrative authorization of construction, etc…). If not met, shall proceed to execute the guarantees on economic required when applying for authorization.

The royal decree establishes a time frame-five years in total – that the holders of the permits must be carried

on the other hand, given the high speculation that currently exists, both the owners and the applicants for the authorizations will be able to give them, proceeding to the return of warranties. In addition, it establishes a moratorium on new requests for access for three months.

Another important issue, and that it can also make you lower the price of electricity is that in the auctions of new renewable capacity is pujará for the price, instead of by the installed power. This model, based on which have meant lower costs of generation with renewable , “will encourage the translation of these financial savings to the consumer, in particular to the industry, and promote the competitiveness of the economy”.

The director general of the association of renewable energies, APPA, José María González Moya, had a favorable view in general of the royal decree, “although there is that wait for the letter small” . For the moment, calls for the review of the parameters for the chp “does not only affect the months of the alarm state, but the entire 2020”.

recharging Points

The royal decree further grants the declaration of public utility for the electrical infrastructure associated with the points of recharge of high capacity, with more power than 250 kW , to make it easier to install charging stations for ultra-fast roads, dual carriageways and motorways.