as a result of human error, there are 80,000 customers of AXA bank won’t have to pay with their credit card. The bank is looking for a solution to this.

All of the cards from the part of this bank, which in december would have expired, currently, is unusable. “The cards have now been accidentally disabled. At the root of the problem is a result of human error,” says spokesperson Lisa and Peter from AXA. She stressed that the problem is with the cards of the 80,000-plus customers, and 10 per cent of the clients of AXA, who do not carry a security risk, or that there is a problem with the statements themselves.

“We offer our apologies to. We will try to address the problem as soon as possible to solve the problem. When the people are once again using their credit cards to pay, it is not yet fully understood. We will, via our website and social media to keep you updated on the repair of the fault. Tentatively, we suggest the people to use alternative ways to pay using a different card, a mobile banking app, which is a Payconiq, or just plain cash.”

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