Retirement card, payment card… The bank card has become an indispensable tool in our society. The use of its “contactless payment” function even soared with the health crisis linked to Covid-19. In order to avoid any manipulation of coins, notes and other terminals, this means of payment in local shops had been strongly recommended by the health authorities. Many consumers have subsequently kept this reflex, which saves a few seconds at the checkout. Please note that you cannot pay an amount greater than 50 euros by contactless, in order to limit the risk of fraud in the event of loss or theft of your card.

If you use it to pay for your shopping, your credit card can also bring you many advantages. Did you know ? Since its appearance in France in 1962, the CB has been equipped with multiple ancillary functions. However, some are still, at present, ignored by some bank customers.

According to a study published in March 2021 by American Express and relayed by Moneyvox, 50% of you benefit from purchase protection thanks to your payment card. 37% of those surveyed also benefit from a guarantee when canceling or modifying a trip, many more of you lack information on the associated services. 75% of people surveyed say they want to be better informed about the benefits offered and their prices.

Do you really know all the privileges that a card can offer you? Here is a non-exhaustive list.

The extent of side offers depends on the cost you are willing to pay. Depending on the price of your subscription, you can indeed benefit from different ranges of insurance:

According to the American Express survey conducted by YouGov in January 2021, customers also have new expectations. What are they ?

According to the report, your expectations become criteria of choice when renewing a bank card. Here are 3 main ones:

These services are increasingly offered by online banks and mobile neobanks, and often at a lower cost.