Are you careful enough with your bank details? Nothing is less certain, according to a study by the French Banking Federation (FBF) conducted by Ifop*: “The French, their banks, their expectations”. Relayed by Merci pour l’info, this survey reveals that the majority of consumers, 7 out of 10, trust their bank to protect their personal data. On the other hand, only 54% of them trust mobile operators, 46% high-tech companies, 36% GAFA (Google, Apple, Facebook, Amazon) and 33% e-commerce sites.

In addition, 66% of those surveyed believe that their bank regularly advises them on the right reflexes to have to avoid scams of all kinds. “71% say they consult their bank’s security instructions and 68% contact their bank adviser in case of doubt (anomaly on their account or obvious scam)”, write our colleagues from Merci pour l’info. And yet! The study reveals that the French respondents still have many risky behaviors, exposing them to significant fraud. In our slideshow below, discover the 5 most common risky behaviors.

To protect your bank account, especially during online transactions, you can take several steps:

*Survey carried out by Ifop among 4,005 people aged 18 and over between December 6 and 15, 2022.