Balthazar made his comeback on January 19 on TF1 for his fifth and final season. A successful series eagerly awaited by viewers, worn with charisma and humor by Tomer Sisley for 5 years. Time to say goodbye and close the series since this will be the last season for this particular medical examiner. Tomer Sisley has indeed decided to stop the series which was taking him too long to be able to start preparing and filming a new cinematic adventure for comic book hero Largo Winch or to become a producer of other fiction projects. which he is developing.

Constance Labbé, TV 7 days.

Constance Labbé, who replaced Hélène de Fougerolles in the duo of this detective series, will only have played in two seasons of the series. What if TF1 decided to launch a spin-off around it? “I’m not in the secret of the gods, but if there is finally a sequel to Balthazar, there is nothing planned in this direction. On my side, I have a mini-series which arrives, Track black, with Thibault de Montalembert. I play a policeman, a former ski champion, who is investigating in her native village”, explains Guillaume Labbé’s sister to Télé 7 Jours.

Constance Labbé, TV 7 days.

When asked if she does not regret not having played longer in the series, in which she plays Captain Camille Costes, replacing Captain Bach, played by Hélène de Fougerolles, Constance Labbé is a philosopher. “No, Balthazar ends in style. And then, it’s the job of an actor. We are not a civil servant, we know that we must constantly renew ourselves,” says the 34-year-old young woman.

Tomer Sisley and Constance Labbé very quickly knew how to tame each other and develop a real bond on screen and outside the cameras. They are both very admiring of their respective qualities. “Overall his inventiveness, and his persistence, he does not give up, for the benefit of quality”, confided to Télé-Loisirs the interpreter of Camille Costes about his partner on the screen. Tomer Sisley also praises the “good humor” of the actress throughout the filming.

A frank camaraderie that is found on the screen. “Yes, we mainly discussed, with Tomer, the evolution of the relationship between Camille and Raphaël. We really wanted to make this almost brotherly thing feel between the two. Me, I have brothers, I like sport, and it was easy to play on this friend side”, explains the actress to Télé 7 Jours.

The second unreleased episode on TF1 brought together this Thursday evening, January 26, 6.06 million viewers, i.e. a market share of 28.5% of the public and 22.9% of housewives under 50 years old. A huge score allowing the first channel to arrive at the top of the audiences of the evening, according to the site of Médiamétrie.