The investigation continues for Balthazar. Two weeks after the launch of the fifth and final season, TF1 broadcast the third episode this Thursday, February 2, 2023. An unprecedented number which attracted 5.32 million followers in front of their television.

For the famous forensic pathologist played by Tomer Sisley, the time has come to take up his post at the Institute for Forensic Medicine. After a long run in Morocco (episode 1) and his monitoring at home under an electronic bracelet (episode 2), our hero returned to his workplace in the company of a very young trainee… Who is none other than his daughter Alice, of which he had to regain custody while his wife Maya is still incarcerated in prison.

Welcomed by his colleagues Eddy (Côme Levin) and Fatim (Philypa Phoenix), Raphaël Balthazar and his team resumed work by autopsiing the body of an old lady. But, when they opened his corpse, they had the bad surprise to discover a bomb. What give cold sweats to the hero, who defused (narrowly) the explosive device, helped remotely by Camille Costes (Constance Labbé) and Jérôme Delgado (Yannig Samot).

During the investigation, Balthazar and Costes discovered that the corpse was intended to explode during the funeral of the deceased, belonging to a family in conflict with the person responsible for this macabre scene. A new investigation for the duo which has brought to light a terrible family secret. At the same time, Camille met the adoptive mother of her biological son while Balthazar is turned upside down by the arrival of his daughter Alice whom he must take care of.

It was without counting his torrid and unpredictable night with Olivia Vésinet (Caterina Murino). When he decides to entrust his baby to a home to keep him away from his life, the medical examiner changes his mind and decides to assume his role as a father. Did he make the right choice? Planet tells you everything.

Before discovering the fourth episode of Balthazar, on February 9, the MYTF1 site published the first minutes of this new component. Now living with his police friend, Balthazar is still turned upside down by his night of love with Olivia, the director of the IML. It’s not the explicit flashbacks that will say otherwise. Costes does not hesitate to ask him for some crisp details of their intimate moment.

In terms of family life, Captain Costes, who also shared an intimate moment with Balthazar, still does not know how to reconnect with her biological son. While Balthazar must fulfill his new role as father to his daughter Alice. After leaving his baby in the arms of his friend and nanny (Hugo Bardin / Paloma), Balthazar and his colleagues are called on an unusual case, as the summary tells us.

“A pensioner bus was found empty in a field: the six elderly people vanished. The driver spoke of a large white light and in the field, the investigators discovered a huge crop circle. Could it be a ‘extraterrestrials?’ To be continued next Thursday…