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The Executive who heads the socialist Francina Armengol has agreed this Friday, in the Council of Government, initiate the proceedings to proceed to the freeze on salary 34,000 officials of the Community. Initially, it was planned that the public employees of the Government awakened to a 2% more salary this year, which was the percentage increase that in January had set the central Government to all the officials in Spain. However, the Government has now decided to apply the above-mentioned wage freeze, that will allow a saving of around 39 million euros this year to cope with the consequences of the pandemic of the coronavirus.

The minister of Public administration and Modernization, Isabel Castro, explained Friday that the wage freeze agreed upon now for the officials would be on the same line as other approved recently in the private sector , for example in the conventions of hospitality, commerce, or transportation-discretionary. “The priority of this Government is to maintain the rights of the public officials, so that no public servant will be reduced to their payroll in a single euro in relation to what I charged in December 2019”, highlighted the councillor. In addition, it has been said that the pay freeze will also affect the political charges. In any case, Armengol has already received the first criticism by the trade unions and the opposition.

Castro has justified the action taken now by the Government on the need of “ to be able to continue engaging professionals , in a moment like the one we are living, in essential services such as health, education and other essential services of the general services”. In that context, the minister has reminded us, for example, that since it declared the state of alarm by the Covid-19 the Health Service “has hired 900 healthcare professionals to strengthen all levels of care, who will join in short 40 crawlers “. In the educational field, Castro has stressed that the counselor Marti March “has already announced the recruitment of 458 teachers.”

legal Issues

in order To make possible the wage freeze announced this Friday, the Government of the balearic islands shall approve, before December 31 of this year a resolution that will support the technical issues of a legal nature that involves taking a measure of these characteristics. In this resolution, they shall proceed, on the one hand, the 2% increase in the basic salary and in the three-year periods of the public employees, to comply with the state legislation, while at the same time it will proceed, on the other hand, the 2% reduction in the regional complementary compensation. Both measures will be taken in parallel, with retroactive effect to January 1 of this year, so that de facto apply the above-mentioned wage freeze.

The adviser has indicated that the freeze on the salaries of public employees of the Balearic islands will be maintained until there is a recovery of GDP to the level in which the economic indicator was the past year. Therefore, all points in these moments that the announced wage freeze could be keep until the end of the current legislature , within three years. As indicated above, the measure announced this Friday it has already received the first reviews. Thus, the secretary general of the PP spaniard, Toni Fuster, has asked Armengol that “instead of cutting the salaries of those officials, r ecorte to half the number of advisors and political office” . According to Fuster, in the five years that it takes Armengol as president of the Community, the political office “have been increased from 122 to 231”.

For his part, the president of the Medical Union of the Balearic islands (Simebal), Miguel Lázaro, has reported that “it is not a freeze, it is a cut in full-blown” , as well as “a gimmick more than reprehensible”. Lazarus has announced, in addition, that Simebal will challenge the measure announced by the Government through the courts. “The doctors didn’t deserve this, you are leaving the skin on this pandemic,” he stressed. In a sense, equally critical has been expressed in the union STEI , who reports that the Balearic islands will be the only community in which the officials of regional will not receive the wage increase of 2% that was already provided for earlier this year.

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