Traditions are not immune to inflation. Baguettes, dear to the hearts of the French, are unfortunately not insensitive to rising prices. Thus, in July 2022 the baguette was sold on average at a price of 93 cents, this represents an increase of 3 cents over one year, reports Femme Actuelle.

The baguette is a food product rooted in French culture and an integral part of the daily life of a large part of the population. Gold for 20 years, its price has not stopped increasing and could soon even exceed the symbolic bar of 1 euro.

In 2001, it was possible to obtain a baguette for 66 euro cents on average. In 2002, this price rose to 68 cents then 87 in 2016, 90 in 2021 until its current price.

This sudden rise in the price of baguettes is partly explained by the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which hit the baking industry hard. “Ukraine and Russia are major world exporters of wheat, an essential cereal”, explains Dominique Anract, president of the National Confederation of French Bakery-Pastry, to our colleagues from

In French bakeries, concern is in order: “Never have we had so many increases. It’s all at the same time! (…) Butter had already increased before the war in Ukraine (69% in one year and a half), the same goes for the price of packaging which has exploded, he lists, and we must add energy prices, and the rise in the Smic…”, he is alarmed.

Despite everything, traders are striving to maintain reasonable prices despite the rise in raw materials “If all the increases were to be passed on to prices, there would be increases of 30%,” says Dominique Anract .