The Australian, But Andrew had to come up with a really creative list you have in mind for her flight in the direction of the airport. In order to avoid extra baggage charges, it was decided to commit themselves to pretend to be a woman. If she was in her ‘full belly’ and all sorts of stuff to hide, who are usually in her bag would end up… even if it fell on her, according to the map, at the very last minute, is still in ruins.

finally, a video of it on Instagram did it for her the whole plan in the works. More than just tight-fitting clothes, she didn’t need to. So they are both charging cables and a laptop on her body to make it. At first glance, to be far from comfortable, but it seems to have paid off. So, when she got no problems with the security as well as continued to the weight of their children under the legal alcohol limit.

Her joy was short-lived. Then, when Andrew, through a passageway in the direction of the plane, walked around, it was still a mistake. “I gave up my ticket to fall out and it made a noise, so the staff just looked at me,” she said. “That’s when I bent down to give the ticket to pick it up again, it was in the form of my laptop, then on my back and suddenly becomes visible to you.” This should be reason enough for the staff to the Australian, to speak out, then your email is ready and her little trick would admit. Andrew had converted more than 54, the charge will be made for her belongings to be able to take it.

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