Corona-press conference on Monday, “they are very good Figures”, The number of new Infections since the days of the low, on Wednesday, the Federal Council decides on further easing. Today Daniel Koch speaks. We report on an ongoing basis.LIVE4 Kommentare4

cooking will also be questions about his testimony regarding football in front of an audience of The press conference to answer: live from 14 clock.

in a nutshell:

In Switzerland and in Liechtenstein have been reported within a day of ten new infections with the Coronavirus.There are a total of 30’746 laboratory-confirmed cases, such as the Federal office for health (BAG) announced on Monday. As of 14 PM, Daniel Koch and other experts to inform about the Corona location in Switzerland.LIVE-TICKER

Christos Pouskoulas, head of health and Deputy to the Canton of doctor in Lucerne, the word. The cantons are aware of their responsibility for the Contact Tracing (our Special this) aware of it, he says. “The Contact tracers have been trained and / or external partners, such as the lungs the League for the Contact Tracing involved.”

The Contact-Tracing will be executed in the following way:

At the beginning of a positive laboratory message with the name of the positively tested Person is.The Person is contacted by phone.The Person is asked about the state of health, to risk and to the living situation.The Patient is instructed to consult if severe, his doctor.Then his contact are determined persons and you are given instructions.During the quarantine, a rule takes place in a regular contact with the people.A release from Isolation or quarantine is for at least 10 days – if no symptoms occur.

Using a Software solution that Contact-Tracing should be supported. People in Isolation can enter your state of health independently using an App. As soon as the national Covid will be available, will integrate the App into the software solutions of the cantons. “Use of the App is voluntary, we can also understand who is using the App or not,” says Pouskoulas.

cooking calls for entries in Restaurants and Bars

First, presented to Daniel cook, a delegate of the BAG for COVID-19, the latest Figures. Within 24 hours, of 10 new positive cases were tested. “These are very good Numbers,” says Koch. That we can keep the Numbers low, but this requires further efforts.

All people with flu-like symptoms should test now. “We need to discover each individual case,” says cook. In addition, you had to know who was with whom when together. Therefore, it is important, in the Restaurants and Bars to write down who was there. The traceability is still suboptimal, that it would be even better.

Our article : the name lists in the Restaurants remain empty

The guests not in the mood, your data have a lot of Local issues not only then: The protection concept of the restaurant sector makes problems.

Also, the App will help, says Daniel cook. “But it is not the only means on which we can rely. Everywhere, where you have to comes with unknown people, you must be able to trace it back.”

chef explains the flattening of the curve. The Hospitalisations go back deaths in the last 24 hours showed no. If this is supposed to go up in the autumn so on, you have to discover the few cases and the contacts track.

It is talking about today …Daniel Koch, a delegate of the BAG for COVID-19Christos Pouskoulas, head of healthcare and stv. The Canton of doctor of Lucerne, sang-Il Kim, head of Digital Transformation, BAGMarcel Salathé, head of the experts group “Digital epidemiology”Erik, Jakob, head of the Directorate for the promotion of the site SECO, WBFRaynald Droz, Brigadier, chief of staff command operations VBSZehn new infections with the Coronavirus

In Switzerland and in Liechtenstein have been reported within a day of ten new infections with the Coronavirus. On Sunday, eleven cases had been reported, on Saturday 18 and on Friday 13.

there were a Total of 30’746 laboratory-confirmed cases, such as the Federal office for health (BAG) announced on Monday. The case numbers are subject to weekly variation, with lower Numbers at the weekend. Via the ramp on the days of most of the cantons had not updated their Figures until Monday at noon.

The number of deaths in connection with the lung disease Covid-19 in all the cantons amounted to a count by the news Agency Keystone SDA on Monday afternoon, 1906, the were reported, two more than the previous day. Keystone-SDA analyses on the websites of the cantons of available official data.

The BAG gave the number of deaths in connection with Covid-19 1642, more than the day before. The Federal office refers to the messages that were sent to the laboratories and Doctors in the context of the reporting duty until Monday morning. The number could therefore differ from the Figures of the cantons, writes the BAG.

The number of Tests carried out on a SARS-CoV-2, the causative agent of Covid-19, total to date, a total of 372’146. In 10 percent of these Tests, the result was positive. On 100’000 residents, there were 358 contagions.

again Soon audience? Daniel Koch caught off guard in the Super League

It needed a follow up, so Daniel Koch, head of division of Communicable diseases of the Federal office for health (BAG), the reluctance passed. Then he said on Sunday evening in support of the SRF, relating to the prohibition of events with over a thousand visitors by the end of August the number of new Infections developing to remain positive, he would advise the Federal Council, as early as possible relaxations to be made. He could imagine, said cook, that games with viewers may be in July again.

What do the Clubs say? Click here to read more.

Determined cook will be questioned today at the press conference on the topic.

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