After kicking out of two AfD politicians out of the session hall of the Parliament President sees Muhterem Aras (Green) have been the “highest level of escalation” in the Parliament is achieved. “I could not imagine that I have to ask the police to escort the Deputy from the hall,” said the 52-year-old politician, in an Interview with the German press Agency. Two politicians in the AfD had to call on Wednesday because of between and disregard of the right to call the hall to leave. They are excluded for the next three meetings. The SPD parliamentary group, joined the criticism of the state President.

Aras, the Turkish roots has also said that the attacks on your Person have increased. The AfD-politician Stefan Räpple and Wolfgang Gedeon (non-attached) had compared the performance of his duties with the Turkish conditions. “The attacks because of my origin, there are,” said Aras. This is for you personally, not beautiful. “What concerns me more is that my office as state President is corrupt. This Contemptuous reference to democratic institutions. This is bad,“ she said.

“Some members seem to have because of my origin is a huge problem with the fact that I this office practice.” Have increased the Aggression, since you will pick up on Statements by the political leaders of the AfD. “The Nazi Regime is not a “bird shit” in German history,” she said, with a view to an earlier Manifestation of AfD leader Alexander Gauland. Against such a history of relatively-ins, you’ll need to do. Aras strives to ensure that people with a migration background are reminiscent of the crimes in German history.