(Los Angeles) Bad Boys, but remarkable receipts: the fourth installment of Bad Boys with Will Smith and Martin Lawrence in the title roles soared to the top of the North American box office upon its release, according to figures on Sunday from specialized firm Exhibitor Relations.

For its first weekend in theaters, Bad Boys: Ride or Die grossed $56 million between Friday and Saturday.

“This is an excellent start to the fourth installment of an action comedy saga,” analyzes David Gross of Franchise Entertainment Research.

“The reviews are lukewarm, but the feedback from viewers is very good,” he adds.

Nearly 30 years after the first Bad Boys, Will Smith and Martin Lawrence once again take on the roles of two Miami police officers, this time on a crusade to prove the innocence of their late former superior.

The two friends will in turn find themselves chased away by the police.

The Garfield Movie is in second place after dominating the box office last week. Sony’s adaptation of the humorous adventures of the famous lazy cat and lasagna lover raised $10 million.

Just behind, IF, the story of a young girl who has the gift of seeing imaginary creatures, with Cailey Fleming and Ryan Reynolds, obtained $8 million.

In fourth place with $7 million for its first weekend in theaters: The Watchers by Ishana Shyamalan, daughter of the director of the same name.

This horror thriller features a young woman played by Dakota Fanning, who gets lost in the forest and finds herself in an isolated house. She then finds herself being observed by mysterious “lookouts” with strict rules.

The latest installment of the science fiction ape saga Kingdom of the Planet of the Apes is in fifth place with $5.4 million for a total of around $150 million in five weeks of release.