Good news for French families: the first payment of the back-to-school allowance is expected this Tuesday, August 16, 2022. The full amount of the ARS this year ranges from €392.05 to €428.02, depending on the child’s age. It has been valued by 4% in order to keep up with rising inflation, estimated at 6.8% year on year in July 2022. While all everyday products are impacted by this price increase, school supplies are not spared…

The back-to-school allowance is a welcome help, while the average cost of the back-to-school period is 208 euros for each child. According to a study by the Famille de France association, relayed by RTL, the parents of a 6th grade pupil will have to pay 14 € more than last year to equip it (an increase of 4.25%).

Half of the budget is traditionally devoted to school supplies, a quarter to sporting goods and a quarter to miscellaneous expenses (canteen, insurance, transport card, etc.). Unfortunately, in 2022, fountain pens, erasers and glue sticks are experiencing inflation equivalent to 3%. It’s even worse for sports equipment, 4-12% more expensive. The only glimmer of hope is that stationery is experiencing a 3% price drop… but not for long, as pulp and paper have been experiencing a price spike for the past few weeks.

Students are not spared, specifies Le Parisien. According to the FAGE, a 20-year-old student enrolled in the faculty must pay nearly €2,527 per year. That’s an unprecedented average cost increase of 7.38%. “We did not expect such an increase, it froze us,” testifies the president of FAGE, pointing to the increase in mutual health insurance because of Covid-19.

How can you limit the impact of back to school on your wallet? As RTL points out, it is obviously necessary to make an inventory of the supplies available at home, so as not to buy back at a loss. The second-hand market and solidarity collection points can make it possible to find free or low-cost products.

Another tip: take advantage of in-store discounts by returning used supplies, like at Auchan, or even place group orders with other parents of students. Finally, it is recommended to buy sports equipment in hypermarkets and supermarkets rather than in specialized stores, where inflation is more noticeable.