Back to school: 3 tips to extend the benefit of the holidays


To extend the vacation, it is possible to participate in activities that allow you to relax and unwind. These activities can be sporting or cultural as recommended by the Passeport Santé website.

Sport is a great way to let off steam and relax. It is also great for improving concentration and memory. Exercising helps reduce the risk of depression. Yoga and meditation are activities that allow you to relax and calm the mind. These activities ease tensions and allow you to find calm and serenity. Reading is also an activity that allows you to relax and unwind. Reading provides a feeling of well-being, it is also ideal for transforming holiday moments into moments of pleasure. It is also possible to participate in cultural activities that allow you to discover new horizons. These activities allow you to de-stress and have fun.

To extend the holidays, it is possible to adopt certain tips. It is advisable to make lists to plan the tasks to be carried out to better prepare for the start of the school year. These lists allow you not to waste time and take full advantage of the present moment. It is also advisable to set rules and respect schedules. These rules help reduce tension and make you feel more serene.

After a rich and exotic holiday period, it is important to prolong their positive effect on the body. Here are 3 concrete ways to extend the benefit of the holidays:

Eating a balanced and varied diet is essential to being in good shape. However, after the holidays, it is better to avoid large meals. It is better to split meals into several small portions throughout the day.

Physical activity is also recommended. This allows you to maintain shape and relax. Walking is a good physical activity to extend the holidays.

Finally, taking stock of the positive and negative things about your vacation is recommended. This allows you to become aware of the benefits and to plan for the next vacation.