resim 1037
resim 1037

Molière had better watch out. Each year, hundreds of thousands of high school students and free candidates take the baccalaureate over several days in June. After the traditional philosophy test which starts the series of exams for the Terminales, the students of Première have rubbed shoulders today with the anticipated French test.

This morning, for four hours, the candidates worked (at their choice) on a text commentary or an essay. The opportunity for them to mobilize their knowledge acquired throughout the year. The objective: to stand out for the quality of the writing and the reasoning in its copy in order to garner the most points for the rest of the exams with the French oral, which takes place before the end of June.

For the 2023 edition of the baccalaureate, here are the subjects offered to candidates. In the general stream, the candidates had to write a text commentary based on the work of Denis Diderot, entitled Salon de 1767. Or else write between the three subjects proposed on the romantic works of the Middle Ages: Manon Lescaut The Skin of Sorrow by Balzac or Sido followed by The Tendrils of the Vine by Colette.

For candidates in the technology sector, they also had the choice between a text commentary, an essay, or a summary followed by an essay. Among the authors drawn this year for the anticipated test: Théophile Gautier, Rabelais, La Bruyère and Olympe de Gouges. Will they excel in the subject or border on the off topic?

While some excel in the subject, others should have studied their files better during revisions. Every year, proofreaders tear their hair out when they discover unusual phrases and quotes in student copies… For better and for fun, as evidenced by many sites sharing the funniest pearls. Planet reveals its anthology!