Sensuality, Manhattan-Kabul, Because it’s you… Such is the non-exhaustive list of singer Axelle Red’s cult titles. The pretty redhead also has more than a dozen albums released since her debut in 1993. Albums that the star likes to record in the United States, as she explained in an interview with Cadence info, during the release of his album “Rouge ardent” in 2013.

“I don’t record everything there,” she began by explaining and continuing: “I recorded three albums there (…) There are things that I find exciting in the United States, like combining several elements to obtain something original”. Regarding her relationship to the French language, the singer had then clarified. “I like French, but I also like English. This language, by dint of working on it, I know it. I found a method to work on it. It is beautiful. It has its poetry”, explained -she.

Aged 54 today, Axelle Red continues to make her passion her main job. In 2020, she released a new single entitled À toi, in collaboration with Ycare, ex-candidate of the Nouvelle Star. On her Instagram account, followed by almost 10,000 subscribers, the singer revealed that she would be releasing her first Christmas album. An announcement that was unanimous with his fans. “So excited to discover the visual of the album !!”, We love it, we can’t wait !!” or “Vivement Noël !!”, can we read in the comments.

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