Charli XCX Releases New Album “Brat” with Underground Vibes

British singer Charli XCX is back with a bang, delivering an album that is described as “incisive, raw, and moving” by The Guardian on June 7th. Titled “Brat,” her sixth studio album has been met with enthusiasm from the British press as she returns to her more underground roots, blending dance and hyperpop elements in a series of hit songs.

Following her fifth album, “Crash,” released in 2022, which aimed to appeal to a wider audience, the artist, also known simply as XCX, has retained her uniqueness, according to The Guardian. The 11 tracks on the album are seen as less about celebrity woes – a common and perhaps tiresome theme in pop music – and more about profound observations on human relationships, particularly focusing on how women build armor to survive the challenges of societal life.

From rave to fame, Charli XCX is joined by renowned electro producers such as Gesaffelstein, George Daniel, A. G. Cook, Easyfun, and Hudson Mohawke, creating “boldly underground sounds,” as noted by the British newspaper. The opening track, “360,” sets the tone by showcasing the artist’s connection and collaboration with the producers to craft a unique musical experience that dives deep into personal narratives and societal reflections.