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On the very first day of the last signing interval for the 2021 course, Oregon added the following ESPN 300 devotion in cornerback Avante Dickerson.

The 6-foot, 170-pound corner in Westside High School in Omaha, Nebraska, is the No. 49-ranked potential total and was among four recruits left handed in February within the top 50 of their positions.

He was dedicated to Minnesota, also has been the highest-ranked perpetrate that the Gophers have had, but he decommitted on Jan. 24 after not registering in December.

When he started his recruiting back, Dickerson was subsequently contemplating Oregon, Nebraska and Minnesota, and finally chose the Ducks. His devotion adds to an already exceptional recruiting class for Oregon, which has been rated No. 6 in the course positions ahead of his devotion.

Dickerson has become the highest-ranked devotion from the course for Oregon, 10 places before wide receiver Isaiah Brevard, who is at No. 59.

The team already has built a base of youthful defensive players on the roster, with additional 13 defensive ESPN 300 prospects within the previous 3 classes. At the 2021 cycle, seven of the top eight responsibilities are on crime.

Oregon has steadily been on the upswing in recruiting positions over the last couple of cycles under head coach Mario Cristobal, along with also the 16 ESPN 300 responsibilities within this course will be the the program has signed because the ESPN 300 began in 2013.