2022, the year of all records? The summer, marked by several heat waves, was one of the hottest ever recorded in France. And October, in turn, is on the list.

This first month of autumn was not very seasonal in terms of climate. “In some regions, the average temperatures over the month were 3 to 4°C higher than normal for the season,” comments Paul Marquis, forecaster at E-Météo Service.

For him, the situation is exceptional. “It’s even worse, in terms of thermal excess, than what we experienced this summer. October 2022 is a weather UFO that has never been seen before! It is the hottest ever recorded in France”, continues the expert.

The heat was such, and the rainfall so low, at the beginning of autumn, that many departments are still in the grip of drought, and subject to water restrictions.

Faced with this new climate, the question torments many French people today: where has autumn gone?

Rest assured: the cold is coming in November. Well almost…

“From the first days of the month, we will have a significant drop in temperatures”, assures Paul Marquis. From the 2nd, in particular, we will lose between 6 and 8°C degrees in places, and between 3°C and 4°C in the South-East”.

After the switch to winter time, soon will temperatures be… winter? Not really, according to the meteorologist. But November should definitely feel more like a fall month. “It is certain, there will be no high temperatures, no days at 25°C in November”, he specifies.

Temperatures, disturbances… What are the forecasts in your region, week after week?

From the first week of the month, temperatures should therefore drop significantly, to get closer to seasonal averages. Enough to turn on the heating in certain regions.

Thursday, November 3, Météo France announces for example 9°C in Belfort, 12°C in Rouen and 13°C in Gap.

It will also be, according to Paul Marquis, the “great return of the rain, with several rainy passages in the North, West and Center of the country”, indicates the forecaster to Planet.

Regarding the trends for the rest of the month, the climate should be much less contrasted than in October. “There could be the first fresh flows on the North-East, as well as the first snow in the mountains”, further notes Paul Marquis.

The mercury should approach seasonal normals.

Bad news for the drought, therefore: the second half of the month should be marked by mostly dry weather. “In Corsica and in the South, in particular, the situation is not about to improve”, worries the expert.

Even if, overall, the month of November should offer us a much more seasonal climate.

However, is there a risk, as in recent weeks, of violent disturbances?

The climate, since last spring, has also been marked by violent disturbances. This summer, thunderstorms of rare intensity killed several people in Corsica.

A few days ago, a tornado hit several villages in northern France, ravaging everything in its path.

Dangerous phenomena that are increasingly worrying the French, at a time when global warming seems to be definitely on the way.

However, in November, France should be relatively spared from violent episodes.

“It is more difficult to predict at this deadline, but for the moment, we do not see any Mediterranean episode for the month of November”, indicates Paul Marquis.

For its part, the Weather Channel warns of a possible “cold snap” at the end of the month. “This situation will be confirmed in the next updates, especially in the current tense energy context in Europe”, specifies the site.