A real headache for some taxpayers, the income tax declaration is generally a dreaded administrative procedure. To make it easier for the French and save them time, the tax authorities now pre-fill the main incomes of which they are aware. Thus, for most tax households, there is nothing to add, because the most common headings are already filled in. In the context of an online declaration, they appear on the screen. This information is transmitted each year to the tax authorities by third-party declarants, i.e.: employers, social organizations (CAF, Social Security, etc.), Pôle Emploi, pension funds or even financial institutions.

Here is the list of the main income received in 2021 already appearing on your 2022 tax return.

Be careful, however, because although filled in, these elements must be checked and if necessary corrected. Because mistakes can slip in. Here are the points on which you should pay particular attention.