A new obligation for vehicles. From January 2024, the government will require all new vehicles to be fitted with an intelligent speed limiter. Already, on July 6, 2022, the government website informed of its upcoming obligation. Indeed, Intelligent Speed ​​Adaptation (AIV) or intelligent speed limiter aims to reduce speeding and road accidents.

From July 2022, the government has therefore made the installation of the device compulsory for “all new vehicle models sold in Europe”. The executive already planned an extension of this obligation in 2024. In fact, from July 2024, all vehicles produced must be equipped with the intelligent speed limiter. This also concerns cars marketed before this date. This decision takes shape following new European regulations concerning intelligent speed adaptation systems.

If the government initially forecast its full obligation for July 2024, it would appear to be a bit ahead of schedule. Indeed, according to information collected by BFMTV, this new measure would already apply in January 2024. All new vehicles, and not just new models, will therefore be equipped with a speed limiter. If you were planning to purchase a new car in 2024, you could therefore find this functionality.

Furthermore, other driving assistance tools should see the light of day during 2024. Among them, we find the fatigue warning or even emergency lane keeping assistance. All of this equipment aims to guarantee greater safety on the road, but also to limit driving-related deaths. But what exactly is the speed limiter and how does it work?

As Anthony Morel, specialized high-tech journalist on BFMTV, explains, the speed limiter is a complex system. It consists of a camera which is coupled with your car’s GPS. It will then be able to analyze the traffic signs in real time. This will let him know how fast you should drive.

A comparison with your current speed will be made to ask you to regulate it if necessary. An audible and visual alert will tell you if you are driving too fast. However, if you don’t lower your speed after this notification, engine power will eventually drop and create a “counter-thrust under the accelerator pedal”, explains Anthony Morel. But can we deactivate this system in our car?

Although the intelligent speed limiter has the ability to make you slow down, it is nevertheless possible to continue accelerating. In fact, by pushing on the pedal, you will be able to accelerate. You will still be told that it is better to lower your speed.

Furthermore, it is possible to deactivate Intelligent Speed ​​Adaptation. But when you start your vehicle, it will be necessary to reactivate it each time. This imposed system is therefore in line with measures to considerably reduce the number of road accidents.