Against the author of the apparently xenophobic auto attacks in the Ruhr area, has adopted a judge’s warrant for multiple murder and attempted murder. The suspect 50-year-old German from Essen, now sits in detention, as the Prosecutor’s office to eat and the police in Recklinghausen, Munster said on Wednesday.

The man was on the night of the new year’s eve with his car in Bottrop and Essen in crowds of people hazards. As a result, he injured according to investigators, a total of eight people. A woman sustained serious injuries.

North Rhine-Westphalia Minister of the interior, Herbert Reul (CDU), had communicated according to the acts, the 50-year-old man to have had the clear intention to kill foreigners. It should also be obvious that the man had a mental illness. The suspect was not entered to previous findings by the police so far.

Reul: Well no Connections to radical Right-wing

On Wednesday, Reul said of the station WDR5, that the security authorities have currently no evidence to suggest that the motorist has contacts in the extreme right-wing scene. So far, the police haven’t found a starting point, “the fact that this man has any Connections, or that he himself in some kind of radical right-wing circles moves,” said Reul. It notes that the alleged perpetrator “has developed from a personal concern and displeasure out then hatred of Strangers”. However, the police investigation would take time.

According to the Prosecutor’s office and the police, the man in Bottrop with his car, a 46-year-old woman from Syria living in dangerous had captured was hurt. There are currently no life exists after a successful emergency surgery but will be out of danger, informed the investigators on Wednesday.