The game has lost to Andrea Petkovic, but she overcame her demons! She said, anyway. The 31-year-old tennis player from Darmstadt, was sitting, three hours after she had to abandon her opening match against Romania’s Irina-Camelia Begu, still plenty of pale on her chair as she recounted the details of her mishap. But not contrite or disappointed. When the score was 7:6, 3:4, they had fallen on the field of play.

Peter Hess

sports editor.

F. A. Z.

First, everyone thought they would be turned down. But it was her cycle, which no longer starred. A dizzy, stretched it, after she had felt minutes before bad. “I’m proud of myself, I have been up to the last Moment, everything in me was stuck,” said Petkovic, and added: “in the past, I have not done this, since I’ve whined, why are all and everything is against me.”

the flu

weakened at the beginning of the second set, she plunged it once, and had not noticed that with the coordination something was wrong. “I was not sure on the legs, as if they were under water. And then I got pain back. But not, as in the case of a Blockade, but like a muscle soreness.“ The explanation for your concern: dehydration. It was on this day in Melbourne, with 34 degrees Celsius exceptionally hot and the humidity is not particularly high.

But Petkovic’s body could not cope with the stress, because he was still weakened by the flu. “I was able to train on Friday just 14 minutes on Saturday, there were 25, and on Sunday, then 39, went.”

doctor further use

the intestinal dweller is considered to be one of the training most hard-working and fittest players on the women’s tour. “I just feel like if I did a lot of training.” And that was the reason why they fell into disuse in these days in your old pattern. “I was motzig, to put me and my Team, because I found it unfair that this happened to me. The prouder I am that it is in the game then was different, that I gave up in the end my Best.“ In the first sentence, it was quickly 0:4 behind because you went through all the Training deficit a lot too quickly. “When I had got used to the pace and my rhythm is found, it ran well.” She won the first set in the Tie-Break and held on in the second set of tough, even though she was at the height of their creative power.

Even from the collapse wanted to let you not stop. Petkovic said the Official, that she wanted to continue to play after they had been treated with ice packs. But the doctor told her. The values of your blood pressure corresponded with her corpse pale face. “It’s funny, in which imagination state, you may find yourself. I wanted to keep going, even though it was hard for me, even on the chair seats,“ she said.

thoughts on the career end

in The evening we went to the Darmstadt better, she has to play on Wednesday in the doubles with Monica Puig from Puerto Rico. A year ago, Andrea Petkovic was a canker of self-doubt, she wondered, to terminate your career. The former Top-Ten player shuttled in the world rankings over a number of months between the seats 90 and 100. With the return of their old coach Dusan Vemic, a Phase of renewed Confidence began. Thanks to good performances in the second half of the year, she climbed back in to Position 60.