Courtrai – It was a Wednesday afternoon, on the heads walking in the Street site in the Gentsesteenweg in Kortrijk, belgium. The store will close soon, the doors, and started on Wednesday with a stock sale, with discounts of up to 50 percent of the time.

you can Shop at an Aldi branch, it is normally quite advantageous, however, in Kortrijk you can of these days is quite a bargain, do so. They will know about it in the office in the Gentsesteenweg. That will close on the 14th november, once again the doors are all along the circular avenue in Kuurne, open it in a new location, and because everything is by the door, out of need, they will host it on Wednesday, for a month or so long as a stock sale.

The prices on some items are even less than half of normal, and there was a mass of Kortrijkzanen is not to be challenged. At the time, it seemed to me to be a war zone. As soon as the doors were open, filled with customers at the shelf with the afgeprijsdeproducten, and there were long queues at the ticket office. Those who are still in a battle, it will have to be, as empty racks are not included in the price.