Aurore Morisse: who is this former model who became a buyer in Affaire concluded?


A breath of fresh air is blowing on Affaire concluded. This Monday, May 10, a new buyer took her first steps in the France 2 program. After Adeline Jaquet, who arrived on April 27, it was another woman, Aurore Morisse, who made her first auctions in the France 2 program. emission of the Two. But who is the new recruit for the program presented by Sophie Davant?

Aurore Morisse is a 30-year-old art dealer from Liège where she owns the expertise firm Chestret 5 Consult. Before following in the footsteps of her parents, antique dealers in Liège, this young woman with a strong character enjoyed a career as a model in Milan. From the age of 14, the new buyer of Deal concluded traveled the world to pose in front of the objectives of the greatest photographers. In total, Aurore Morisse has visited nearly 62 countries. Thanks to this early career, the 30-year-old can boast of being fluent in Dutch, English, Spanish, German, Polish. She even confessed to our colleagues from TV Magazine, “gibberish a little” Russian and Indonesian, just that!

After this parenthesis, the Belgian buyer returned to her first love: art. “I still went to Sotheby’s school and I obtained an antique dealer’s certificate in Belgium, she says in TV Magazine. Our country experienced prolific years between 1850 and 1930 in the fields of painting, cabinetmaking and manufacturing. The Val-Saint-Lambert crystal factory surpassed Saint-Louis and Lalique with 300,000 pieces produced per day. Many French people come to Belgium for supplies and vice versa.” But how did Aurore Morisse end up in Affaire concluded?

It was on YouTube that this art dealer was spotted. She regularly posted videos of her expertise on her channel. Contacted for the first time by the production of Affaire concluded, Aurore Morisse preferred to reject the offer as she explains to the Belgian magazine Ciné Télé Revue. “Two years ago, I was approached by M6 for a program that ultimately did not see the light of day (Cash or auction) and also by France 2 for Affaire concluded. I had declined.” But today the situation has changed and the young woman has accepted the second offer of the Two. Why did you change your mind? “Before, I didn’t watch Affair concluded because, at the time, the objects offered were not of sufficient quality, I was looking for more refinement. In two years, the objects of the show have gone up a notch, this who pushed me to accept”, replied this demanding buyer to our Belgian colleagues from Sud Info.

If she has this time given a favorable response to France Télévisions, it is because this 30-year-old with a strong personality wishes to “dust off” her profession and “give it back modernity”. What the Two program allows, which according to her, “has really put the secondary market back on a pedestal, it’s great because a new clientele is interested in it,” she told TV Magazine.

Aurore Morisse thinks “to have filled all the boxes for the right buyer by acquiring 5 or 6 objects between 200 and 5,000 euros”, she who has already “tickled the other buyers and I think I made them feel uncomfortable with humor” with her playful spirit, her “repartee” and the knowledge she has “to buy well”. “Once installed behind the buyers’ bench, it’s every man for himself! Faced with a beautiful object, we are no longer in fun”, report our colleagues from Télé-Loisirs. That promises!

This does not mean that there is a bad atmosphere on the set, quite the contrary as reported by the compatriot of buyers Gérald Watelet, Glorian Kabongo and Stéphane Vanhandenhoven. “Julien Cohen advised me, Caroline Margeridon welcomed me like a mother, François-Xavier Renou put me at ease with his jokes and I had fascinating exchanges with François Cases Bardina. Between the buyers, it’s bubbling, there’s a frenzy, a real taste for the game more than competition, even if Julien always outbids Caroline,” she told TV Magazine not without humor.

Having become an emblematic figure of the show, the young Belgian has nevertheless experienced a big scare at the end of the year 2022.

Aurore Morrisse’s life almost changed at the end of 2022. While driving in her car in Luxembourg, the young buyer of the show Affaire concluded was the victim of a road accident after having driven on an icy road. Shocked and traumatized by this event, she shared her misadventure on December 19 on her Facebook page.

“This morning, in Luxembourg, I saw this long patch of ice covering the road too late… I let the car slide until I lost control! 20 km/h and here is the result… “, she wrote, sharing shocking photos of her vehicle on the social network. After being rescued by the emergency room, Aurore Morisse detailed the assessment of her injuries. “Broken and plastered foot. A little in shock. Bent sheet metal and an inability to move for the next few weeks!”, She added, revealing another photo taken inside the ambulance.

Since this incident, Aurore Morisse has taken advantage of her convalescence to thank the emergency services and the hospital service. “Thank you to the firefighters, Garage Jacoby, Mr. Thines Janon, the paramedics and the police of Troisvierges. Thank you also to the Bastogne Hospital for taking care of me with a smile and for providing me with all the necessary care! “, while addressing his fans with prevention. “Be careful on the roads. Take the national ones and drive carefully! Choose a good car when you are doing miles!!!”. Good recovery to the famous buyer.