The preliminary final-winner of the Nobel prize for literature, has presented his last novel, his readers had to be ten years long wait, the proof, the power literature has. If you don’t focus entirely on yourself, if you feel that the ” I ” and its intertwining in the biography and the present, the feelings, the parts of millions, to run after. Nevertheless, The buried “giant has called a””, three years ago, appeared, violent defensive reactions. What is the should that was asked: Whether it’s Kazuo Ishiguro, the acclaimed author of high literature, now with a wool to make “Lord of the rings”? Fantasy? He doesn’t want to. He only cares not in the Least to satisfy the reader’s expectations, or to write the same book again.

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this Time he leads in the England of the sixth century. The Celts are still there, but from the East, over the sea, the fishing and the Saxons, which they sell, and so be destroyed. The land acquisition was in progress, but now she paused after a civil war in a fragile peace. For the healing of the wounds of the mist contributes, the dragon launches Querig. The Text occurs so entirely unfashionable – no education, no work but a standstill, extrusion, Non-Knowledge.

A country without a Tradition

Thus, the protagonists of the story, the old couple, Axl and Beatrice, no longer Lord of their memory. Tolerated by the village community, but just so: Not even a candle for the night because you deserve them. So they decide to pull a couple of villages more to see once more her son, you think you remember. On this trip, which begins in the right way, attach to the two hikers for more figures. The Saxon warrior Wistan, the boy, Edwin, who has a mysterious injury that can be ascribed first of all, man-eaters. Finally, the knight Gawain, the last Survivor of the legendary round table of king Arthur who roams the land, killing the dragon, so in any case, be the official order. Gawain is on a Quest. And as a listener, we are there with him, in this ancient form of narrative.

in a country without Tradition, or, at least, temporarily of the absent Tradition. There are, in addition to the man-eaters of malicious goblins, a bull large monster with a dog’s head, monks, the act even unchristian. But it has no orcs in the offer, the human world is no different than Tolkien perverted in Parts: You may distrust, but it was all very formal with each other. The salutations read “Princess”, “Lord”, “master”, “Lord knight”, “young warrior” and so on. If you are just rags, bundles of on-the-go, the shape is maintained, as sitting in Downton Abbey to the table.

colder and Colder, and at the same time creepy

The publisher’s advertising writes on the Cover: “a Profound read by Gert Heidenreich”. And how that sounds? Plenty of strange. Heidenreich, of about the dimensions experienced in many thousands of speakers and text-to-speech hours proven writer, has decided to give his characters a kind of historical sound from Technicolor knight movies. A thunderous cosiness prevails.

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Beatrice sounds continuously as a scared and naive and stupid, a woman that was perhaps once beautiful, how your man thinks to remember but today, due to the need for protection shines, the hidden cunning. Her husband Axl, occasionally has premonitions that he was once something other than a good-humored woman understander, speaks his Sweet pushy with “Princess” and is not otherwise in danger of their lives in underground passages to bring in the face of a monster from its rest. Gawain, the most flamboyant character in His novel, Heidenreich as a bramarbasiere Old, the reported experiences of a kindergarten group of his war. Sharper, shady comes after all of the Saxon warriors Wistan, therefore, to expect nothing really Good is how quickly it becomes clear.