Up to the Federal President, politicians on all sides have condemned the attack on Bundestag member, and AfD country Chairman Magnitz in Bremen, in the strongest possible terms. A violent act for political reasons, must awaken the defensive reflexes of all the Democrats, even if comparisons with the Weimar Republic still lag behind. It was, however, a disastrous escalation, would be held in the already heated political dispute in this Republic, not with arguments, but with the back curved timbers.

From the point of view of the AfD has reached this stage already. Although the police and the state have begun protection only to find, to know, the Federal spokesman of the party, Meuthen and Gauland, even, who is to blame. The fact is “the result of the ongoing incitement by politicians and media against us, which has now been implemented in Bremen, apparently, of the left the terrorists in the act”. Also in the extension of the offender circle you are not squeamish: anyone Who does not pronounce himself “clearly and publicly against these attacks, tacitly with the brutal perpetrators have in common”.

This is, for all the justified outrage about this Robbery, and other acts of violence against members and facilities of the AfD, a remarkable accusation from the ranks of a party which called itself “clearly and publicly” against any violent Assault in Germany, behind the in the broadest sense, political motives were.

The AfD has certainly not solely to blame for the brutalization of political culture, the Thuringian group Chairman, Höcke complained, probably bitter tears, weeping, because he must now see how “democracy is crumbling before our eyes”. The AfD makes this coarsening and dissolution of boundaries, however, significant feed, that’s part of their business model.