now, Who is this weekend at the Derby Day at the Melbourne money and wanted to pick up was a pleasant surprise. Due to a technical problem and spit out an atm machine at the horse racing course from Flemington hours free money: 40 dollar before you left was suddenly taken $ 100 from the vending machine.

According to the passers-by, news spread like wildfire, and there was soon a long queue of the failed machine. Two 20-dollar bills a dollar before you left, there was a ten-dollar bills for 50 dollars, but it was only $ 40 will be charged. But in less than six hours, there was a profit the money is to be collected.

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It is not clear if the affected bank and the steps to be taken. According to the police, and the state of Victoria, the bank, file a complaint before the authorities can begin to assess whether or not there is a violation.