The board of directors of Proximus Tuesday night decided to go in to the demands of the trade unions as a social mediator to set up. That said, a spokesperson for the company.

in the course of the day, and there are lots of spontaneous actions broke out in different parts of the company. According to the unions to put members of staff in the work-up in the Mountains, Names of, One Was, Fair to and in Brussels. “From Bruges, we are able to receive, meanwhile, signals that the action is,” says trade union leader, Bart Neyens (GCPS).

The trade unions were on Monday and Tuesday morning, along with the board of directors. Chairman Stefaan De Clerck, has confirmed that Dominique Leroy, CEO, will remain till the 1st of december. However, according to the unions, to understand that the people that don’t. “Oil has no interest in whether it is good or bad, is going to be with the company, and shall not have the least responsibility. The suspicion is very high for the price”, you hear the sound of it.

1.900 people

The trade unionists to emphasize that it is not a control action, and that they have social issues like. “Because we asked for it to be a social mediator, a positive answer would make the board a positive message to the staff that they have on social dialogue, want to go,” says Coremans, earlier today.

“It has been announced that it’s 1,900 people want to do, but seven months later, we still don’t know how that will be collected will have to be,” says a trade unionist. “The cases that are presented are often incomplete and ill-conceived. To me, this is not seen at this level.”

after the Departure of Leroy,

the Oil has announced, Thursday, that they are Proximus, in a december trade, it IT. The trade unions insist that they have to be stopped, and that the plan will be reviewed. The trade unions also fear that Oil and KPN from the Netherlands as a “telecomaanval in Belgium,” will be launched. In the contract, of Leroy, is a clause that gives her a period of twelve months after leaving the group from working for a competitor, Proximus in Belgium and in the countries where the company is at least 5% of the sales generated by it. KPN is not to be included.

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In the Netherlands, Leroy Tuesday’s strong criticism of a recent sale of shares in a Proximus, which they did. “You may have done nothing wrong, but your reputation is tarnished,” says a lawyer in the traditional Dutch newspaper het Financieele Dagblad. He found that the action of the Oil “very stupid”. “When I was KPN’s supervisory board was made, I would like to ask what’s going on with her judgement.”

More about Proximus is once Again a spontaneous action by Proximus after the departure of Dominique Leroy, the australian capital territory, now offers gift certificates to meet the New chief executive officer, Proximus will get more out of it Internetpanne Proximus solved